2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems


The objective of this workshop is to advance knowledge in the field of endoluminal robotic surgery, by presenting innovative tethered and untethered mechatronic instruments and surgical robots, capsule-based devices and other diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, ranging from the meso- to nano-scale.
A wide range of open challenges about endoluminal robots will be addressed in the proposed workshop, entitled “Frontiers of Endoluminal Robotics Surgery”. Ranging from active navigation mechanisms to sensing and therapeutic modules, the presentations will cover key aspects of innovative robotic devices for endoluminal procedures approaching issues, such as: i) capsules and novel flexible endoscopic/endocavity devices, ii) robotic navigation for active endoscopic probes and robots, iii) smart mechanisms for actuation and therapy delivery, iv) sensing and therapeutic modules and also iv) micro- and nano-scale devices.
We will call for posters and the best contribution will be selected by the workshop attendees during the organized event; the winner will be announced by the end of the workshop. Contributions can be theoretical or experimental studies concerning the mentioned areas. Submission are open to any kind of endoluminal/endocavity robotic platform and device for advanced diagnosis and targeted therapy. Engineering designs, modelling and developments, also supported by experimentations in bench, ex-vivo and in-vivo conditions, will be presented. Anchor
The current and future challenges will be discussed in a panel discussion with all invited speakers and the workshop attendees.  In particular, to represent the current research trends, we will design a combination of invited talks: invited speakers will include experts with both engineering and medical backgrounds. Smart solutions for industrial endoscopic applications will be also considered in the proposed workshop.


Endoluminal and endocavity devices and platforms; Smart catheters and innovative endoscopes; Bio-inspired robots and technologies for accurate diagnosis and targeted therapy; Endoscopic capsules for gastrointestinal procedures; Physical simulations, magnetic modelling and FEM; Sensing, telemetry and data communication; Motion planning and autonomous/assisted diagnosis and therapy; Medical imaging and image-based technologies/algorithms; Mechanisms and technologies for manipulation/grasping; Mesoscale mechanisms for diagnosis and therapy delivery; Power supply and innovative energy solutions for endoluminal robots; Micro- and nano-scale devices and hybrid microstructures; Flexible endoscopes and applications, medical and not.




Full Day: 8:30 - 18:00
Daejeon Convention Center (DCC)
IROS 2016



Important Dates

• 1-page paper (A4 format) submission due :
          August 16, 2016
• Notification of acceptance:
        Septmeber 15, 2016

Please submit your abstract contribution to the e-mails: g.ciuti@sssup.it and p.valdastri@leeds.ac.uk

Template for 1-page paper submission: DOWNLOAD HERE