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About Me: 

Arianna Menciassi obtained the M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Pisa in 1995 (magna cum Laude) and the Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) in 1999. In the year 2000 she started her academic career at the SSSA with an untenured position of Assistant Professor of Biomedical Robotics and she became Associate Professor of Industrial Bioengineering in 2006, in the same institution. Currently, she is with The BioRobotics Institute of the SSSA where she is Area Leader of “Surgical Robotics”.
Prof. Menciassi teaches at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the Pisa University (Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering). She carries on an intense research and training activity at high level (master candidates in biomedical engineering, PhD students, etc.). She is normally tutor of more than 15 students.
Her main research interests involve biomedical robotics, microsystem technology, nanotechnology and micromechatronics, with a special attention to the synergy between robot-assisted therapy and nanotechnology-related solutions. She carries on an important activity of scientific management of several projects, European and extra-European, thus implying many collaborations abroad. She is co-author of more than 200 scientific publications (more than 120 on ISI journals) and 6 book chapters on biomedical robots/devices and microtechnology. She is also inventor of 25 patents, national and international.
She serves in the Editorial Board of the IEEE-ASME Trans. on Mechatronics; she is Co-Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Surgical Robotics.
In the year 2007, she received the Well-tech Award (Milan, Italy) for her researches on endoscopic capsules, and she was awarded by the Tuscany Region with the Gonfalone D’Argento, as one of the best 10 young talents of the region.
From the year 2007, she has been collaborating with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, and from April 2010 she is affiliated member of the Center for MicroBioRobotics of IIT@SSSA (


University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy M.Sc. (Laurea Degree) - 1995 - Physics
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, (SSSA), Pisa, Italy Ph.D. - 1999 - Bioengineering
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, (SSSA), Pisa, Italy Post-Doc - 2000 - Biomedical Robotics


2011-present: Area Leader of the “Surgical Robotics” area at the BioRobotics Institute of SSSA
2009-present: Affiliated member to the Italian Institute of Technologies (IIT, Italy), for researches related to MicroBioRobotics
2009-present: Associate Professor of Biomedical Robotics (SSSA) – confirmed and permanent status
2006-present: Temporary Professor of Biomechatronics at the Pisa University
2006-2009: Associate Professor of Biomedical Robotics (SSSA) – status to be confirmed
2001-2006: Assistant Professor of Bioengineering (SSSA) – temporary position

Other Experiences, Professional Memberships and Services

2012 – present: Associate Editor of the Journal of Micro Bio-Robotics (Springer)
2011 – present: Co-Chair of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee in Surgical Robotics
2009 – present: Associate Editors of the IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics
2008 – present: Member of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee in Micro/Nano Robotics and Automation
2008 – 2010: Editorial Assistant of the Journal of Micro Mechatronics (Springer)
2007 – present: Program Committee Member, Special Sessions and Workshops organizer for several conferences in Robotics and Biomedical Engineering (ICRA, IROS, EMBC, BioRob).
2006 – present: Guest Editors of Special Issues and Focused Sections of, e.g., IEEE Trans. on Robotics, Mechatronics, Biomedical Engineering, etc.
2004 – present: Member (with different roles) of the SMIT Society (Society for Medical Innovation and Technology)
2001 – present: IEEE RAS and EMBC Member

Honors and Awards

2012: The paper “Sviluppo di un sistema di visione per capsule endoscopiche in ambiente liquido”, by I. De Falco, G. Tortora, P. Dario, A. Menciassi, received the Best Contribution for the Technology Transfer at the III Conference of the Italian Bioengineering Group, Rome (Italy), June 2012.
2012: The paper “Intra operative 3D reconstruction for image-guided navigation in active capsule endoscopy” by G. Ciuti, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, M. Visentini Scarzanella, A. Dore, G.Z. Yang received the Best Student Poster Award at the ISCAS/CARS conference, Pisa (Italy), June 2012.
2012: The paper “Magnetic dragging of vascular obstructions by means of electrostatic and antibody binding” by M. Khorami. P. Dario, A. Menciassi and E. Sinibaldi has been candidate for the best medical robotics paper award at the IEEE Int. Conference on Robotics and Automation, St. Paul (MN), May 2012.
2012: Best presenter award, M. Simi, G. Gerboni, A. Menciassi, P. Valdastri “Magnetic Mechanism for Wireless Capsule Biopsy”, Design of Medical Devices (DMD) Conference, 10-12th April 2012, Minneapolis (MN).
2011: The paper “A Novel Surgical Robotic Platform Minimizing Access Trauma” by T. Ranzani, C. Di Natali, M. Simi, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, P. Valdastri receives the Best Oral Presentation Award at the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics (London, U.K.)
2011: The paper “Magnetic air capsule robotic system: a novel approach for painless colonoscopy” by P. Valdastri, G. Ciuti, A. Verbeni, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, A. Arezzo, M. Morino is awarded with the EAES Best Technology Contribution Award (Turin, Italy, June 2011 – European Association of Endoscopic Surgery Conference 2011)
2010: The VECTOR project on robotic endoscopic capsules ( receives the "Best Exhibit Award" at the ICT 2010 Conference in Brussels (Belgium)
2009: The paper “Wireless Reconfigurable Modules for Robotic Endoluminal Surgery” by K. Harada, E. Susilo, A. Menciassi e P. Dario is finalist for the Best Medical Robotics Paper Award at ICRA 2009 (Kobe, Japan)
2009: The Springer Handbook of Robotics (where A. Menciassi is co-author of the chapter on Medical Robotics) is awarded with the PROSE Award for Excellence in Physical Science and Mathematics e l’Award in the Engineering & Technology Category
2008: The paper “Novel haptic tool and input device for bilateral biomanipulation addressing endoscopic surgery” by K. Houston, O. Tonet, C. Eder, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, A. Sieber, receives the best Student Paper Award at the International Conference BIODEVICES/BIOSTEC 2008 (Madeira, Portugal)
2008: The paper “A Miniaturized Wireless Control Platform for Robotic Capsular Endoscopy using Pseudokernel Approach” by E. Susilo, P. Valdastri, A. Menciassi, P. Dario receives the Best Paper Award at the conference Eurosensors 2008 (Dresda, Germany)
2007: Gonfalone d’Argento from the Tuscany Region (Italy) as one of the 10 top talented persons of the Tuscany Region
2007: Well-Tech Award 2007 (June 2007, Milan, Italy): “Premio per l’innovazione che migliora la qualità della vita” (Innovation for improving quality of life), thanks to the activity on endoscopic capsules
2001: The paper “Force Feedback-based Microinstrument for Measuring Tissue Properties and Pulse in Microsurgery” by A. Menciassi, A. Eisinberg, G. Scalari, C. Anticoli, M.C. Carrozza, P. Dario, receives the Best Manipulation Paper Award at ICRA 2001 (Seoul, South Korea)


Arianna Menciassi participates from 2006 to the “Collegio dei Docenti” of different universities. The preponderant activity is the one carried out in the Framework of the Collegio dei Docenti of the “Innovative Technologies of Info. & Com. Eng. and Robotics “ PhD Program at SSSA. Such PhD course lasts 3 years and it involves almost 100 PhD students.
In addition, Prof. Menciassi also participates in other “Collegi dei Docenti”, for the following PhD programs:
- “Industrial Engineering”, Università di Tor Vergata, Rome, from 2006;
- “Biomedical Engineering”, Università Campus Biomedico, Rome, from 2007;
- “Biotechnological and technical innovations applied to surgical ssciences”, Università di Tor Vergata, Rome, from 2009;
- “Technologies applied to surgical sciences”, Università degli Studi di Torino, from 2011.
In addition to the already listed responsibilities, Arianna Menciassi regularly participates in final PhD exam commissions for several Italian and International universities (e.g. in Italy: Pisa, Trento, Torino, Milan, etc.; out of Italy: Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Waseda University in Tokyo, University of Barcelona, EPFL in Switzerland, etc.).
From June 2008, Arianna Menciassi is the president of UJ Consortium (Career and Placement Services), a joint initiative of SSSA, Scuola Normale and Istituto Alti Studi IMT of Lucca, orientated towards placement and orientation activities for graduated and PhD students.
From 2008 she is member of the Committee “Pari Opportunità” of SSSA.


The main regular teaching activities of Arianna Menciassi are at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and at the Pisa University (Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering).
At the SSSA, she regularly teaches the engineering PhD course of “Micro and nano-robotics for medical applications” (since 2006). She also teaches the course of “Introduction to Bioengineering” for Master and PhD students of Medicine (since 2009).
At the Pisa University she teaches the course of “Biomechatronics” addressed to the Master students of biomedical engineering (since 2006). For the same Master program of biomedical engineering she contributes to the course of “Medical Robotics”.
She is regularly invited to give teaching sessions during Summer Schools or to contribute to International and National Master courses. The most relevant activities are listed below:
- International Master in Robotics and Mechatronics, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, A.Y. 2006-2007. Title of the course: Micro and nano robotics for medicine;
- II level Master in “Design of micro and nanotechnologies for bioartificial systems” at Politecnico di Torino, A.Y. 2006-2007. Didactic module of Nano-robotics and NEMS;
- WASEDA-SSSA-KIST Summer Schools 2008 “Fundamentals of Biorobotics”, Volterra (Pisa), and 2010 “The emotional Human-Robot Interaction”, Seoul (South Korea), 11-15 October 2010;
- Master in Digestive Endoscopy at Università di Torino, October 2011 (in the framework of a course in “New technologies in digestive endoscopy”);
- PhD course of Medical Robotics, Politecnico di Milano, May 2011;
- IRCAD Student Lecture B.E.S.T. Innovation Course (Strasbourg, France), February 2012.
Since the beginning of her career as Associate Professor at the SSSA (May 2006), Arianna Menciassi has been supervisor of many bachelor, master and PhD students.
More specifically, in the last 6 years (2006-2012) she has been the supervisor of 18 PhD Theses, 65 Master Theses and 9 Bachelor Theses.


Arianna Menciassi is charter member of two spin-off companies of SSSA: MicroTech srl (now Ekymed), operating in the field of biomedical microengineering, and Era Endoscopy srl, operating in the field of semi-autonomous colonoscopy, exploiting the results of several research efforts in the field of minimally invasive diagnostics. Arianna Menciassi is still member of Ekymed.
Arianna Menciassi carried out several projects for research exploitation, both locally and at European and International level. An example is the IHKI project, funded from 2004 to 2006 by MAP-ICE (Ministero Attività Produttive / Ministero per il Commercio Estero). Such project, under Arianna Menciassi’s scientific responsibility, consisted on carrying out formation courses and meetings targeted at promoting joint industrial activities Italy – Hong Kong, in the field of medical microengineering.
From June 2008, Arianna Menciassi is member of the evaluation committee of the company incubator CERFITT (Centro di Ricerca e Formazione sull’Innovazione ed il Trasferimento Tecnologico), at Polo Tecnologico Pont-Tech.
From January 2012, Arianna Menciassi is member of the Scientific Committee of Polo d’Innovazione della Regione Toscana ICT Telecomunicazioni Robotica (POLITER).

Selected Publications: 

In the ISI Web of Knowledge database, the number of publications (journals and main conference papers) by Menciassi from the beginning of her career are about 220. By restricting the search to only ISI journal papers, this number becomes 130.
In the period Sept. 2009-present (last 3 years), Menciassi published 60 ISI journal papers.
Below (section “Recent Papers”), a selection of ISI journal papers published in the last 3 years is reported.

- Carta R., Tortora G., Thone J., Lenaerts B., Valdastri P., Menciassi A., Dario P., Puers R. “Wireless powering for a self-propelled and steerable endoscopic capsule for stomach inspection”, BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, Vol 25 (4), pp. 845-851, Dec. 2009.
- G. Ciuti, P. Valdastri, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, “Robotic magnetic steering and locomotion of microsystems for diagnostic and surgical endoluminal procedures”, ROBOTICA, Vol. 28, SI 02, pp. 199-207, 2010.
- K. Harada, D. Oetomo, E. Susilo, A. Menciassi, D. Daney, J-P. Merlet, P. Dario, “A Reconfigurable Modular Robotic Endoluminal Surgical System : Visions and Preliminary Results”, ROBOTICA, Vol. 28, SI 02, pp. 171-183, 2010.
- S. J. Phee, S. C. Low, P. Dario and A. Menciassi, “Tendon sheath analysis for estimation of distal end force and elongation for sensorless distal end”, ROBOTICA, 28: 1073-1082, 2010.
- Ciofani G., Danti S., Moscato S., Albertazzi L., D’Alessandro D., Dinucci D., Chiellini F., Petrini M., Menciassi A., “Preparation of stable dispersion of barium titanate nanoparticles: potential applications in biomedicine”, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 76(2): 535-543 (2010).
- Ciuti G, Donlin R, Valdastri P, Arezzo A, Menciassi A, Morino M, Dario P, “Robotic versus manual control in magnetic steering of an endoscopic capsule”, ENDOSCOPY Vol. 42(2), pp. 148-152, 2010.
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- Buselli E., Pensabene V., Castrataro P., Valdastri P., Menciassi A., Dario P., “Evaluation of friction enhancement through soft polymer micro-patterns in active capsule endoscopy”, MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 21, no. 10, 2010.
- Piccigallo M., Scarfogliero U., Quaglia C., Petroni G., Valdastri P., Menciassi A., Dario P. “Design of a Novel Bimanual Robotic System for Single-Port Laparoscopy”, IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, Vol 15, no. 6, p. 871-878, 2010.
- L. Ricotti, S. Taccola, V. Pensabene, V. Mattoli, T. Fujie, S. Takeoka, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, “Adhesion and proliferation of skeletal muscle cells on single layer poly(lactic acid) ultra-thin films”, BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES, Vol 12 (5), pp. 809-819, Oct. 2010.
- Tognarelli S., Pensabene V., Condino S., Valdastri P., Menciassi A., Arezzo A., Dario P., “A pilot study on a new anchoring mechanism for surgical applications based on mucoadhesives”, MINIMALLY INVASIVE THERAPY & ALLIED TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 20, no. 1, p. 3-13, 2011.
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