Udaya Bhaskar Rongala

 Rongala , Udaya Bhaskar

+39 050 88 3063

Ph.D. Student

Selected Publications: 

Cali ́o, R., Rongala, U. B., Camboni, D., Milazzo, M., Stefanini, C., de Petris, G., & Oddo, C. M. “Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Solutions”. Sensors, 14(3), 4755-4790. 2014.

Rongala, U.B., Mazzoni, A., Oddo, C.M., ”Neuromorphic Artificial Touch for Categorization of Naturalistic Textures,” in IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-1

Rongala, U. B., Mazzoni, A., Camboni, D., Carozza, C. M., Oddo, C. M. “Neuromorphic artificial sense of touch: bridging robotics and neuroscience” 2015. International Symposium on Robotics Research [In Press]