Ilaria Baldoli

Dr.  Baldoli , Ilaria

+39 050 883078

Ph.D. Student

About Me: 

PhD student in the research areas of soft robotics and neurodevelopmental engineering.
Scientific PhD-Project title: “Development of soft sensing solutions for application in neurodevelopmental engineering”.
The main research topic is the study on materials and smart concepts to sensorize soft surfaces for the realization of pressure mapping, employing flexible, stretchable and versatile layers and considering both the synthesis of suitable design solutions and the managing of data and information processing.

Master Degree in Biomedical engineering at University of Pisa, Facoltà di Ingegneria.
Thesis title: "Study and modeling of the biomechanics of the Octopus vulgaris propulsion and realization of a robotic prototype based on the biomimetic working principle" (carried on at Research Centre on Marine Robotics and Sea Technologies, Livorno (Italy))

Bachelor Degree in Biomedical engineering at University of Pisa, Facoltà di Ingegneria.
Thesis title: “Analysis of controlled drug release from acrylic-based copolimeric matrix”

Selected Publications: 

Papers on Journals
• F. Giorgio Serchi, A. Arienti, I. Baldoli and C. Laschi, in Proc. IEEE ICRA 2013, pp. 5103-5110
• R.T. Scaramuzzo, M. Ciantelli, I. Baldoli & al., MEchatronic REspiratory System SImulator for Neonatal Applications (MERESSINA) project: a novel bioengineering goal, ed Devices (Auckl), 6: 115–121, 2013
• I. Baldoli , S. Tognarelli , F. Cecchi & al. , An active one-lobe pulmonary simulator with compliance control for medical training in neonatal mechanical ventilation, J CLIN MONITOR COMP, 28(3):251-260, 2013
• S. Tognarelli , I. Baldoli , R.T. Scaramuzzo & al, “Development and validation of a sensorized neonatal intubation skill trainer for simulation-based education enhancement”, Int J Med Res Health Sci, 3(4):833-839, 2014
• I.Baldoli, S.Tognarelli, R.T.Scaramuzzo & al , “Comparative performances analysis of Intensive Care Units (ICUs) neonatal ventilator”, accepted by Italian Journal of Pediatrics (in press)
• A. Cuttano , I. Baldoli , R.T. Scaramuzzo & al, “A novel simulator for mechanical ventilation in newborns: MERESSINA”, accepted by Journal of Engineering in Medicine with major revision

Papers on Conferences
• I. Baldoli, S. Tognarelli, F. Cecchi, A. Menciassi and C. Laschi, “A novel active neonatal pulmonary simulator for high-fidelity training in mechanical ventilation”, GNB 2014 Conference, Pavia, Italy
• A. Grassi, I. Baldoli, F. Cecchiand C. Laschi, “New devices to measure sucking and grasping for the study of the mirror-neurons system”, GNB 2014 Conference, Pavia, Italy