Maurizio Follador

Dr.  Follador , Maurizio

+39 050 88 3492


Selected Publications: 

A general method for the design and fabrication of shape memory alloy active spring actuators, M Follador, M Cianchetti, A Arienti, C Laschi, 2012, Smart Materials and Structures, 21(11), 115029
Development of the functional unit of a completely soft octopus-like robotic arm, M Follador, M Cianchetti, C Laschi, 2012, Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob), 2012 4th IEEE RAS EMBS International Conference on, 640-645
Design concept and validation of a robotic arm inspired by the octopus, M Cianchetti, A Arienti, M Follador, B Mazzolai, P Dario, C Laschi, 2011, Materials Science and Engineering: C 31 (6) p. 1230-1239