Giovanni Passetti

 Passetti , Giovanni

+39 050 88 3135

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Ph.D. Student

Selected Publications: 

G. Passetti, F. Corradi, M. Raglianti, D. Zambrano, C. Laschi, G. Indiveri - Implementation of a neuromorphic vestibular sensor with analog VLSI neurons, Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS), 2013 IEEE 1-4, 2013

G. Passetti, M. A. Iaconis, F. Cecchi, C. Laschi, P. Dario - A new sensing device for a bimanual rehabilitative exercise, European Academy of Childhood Disability three day conference in Newcastle, 10th-12th October 2013

F. Corradi, D. Zambrano, M. Raglianti, G. Passetti, C. Laschi, G. Indiveri, Towards a Neuromorphic Vestibular System, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, vol.8, no.5, pp.669,680, Oct. 2014