Laura Fiorini

Dr.  Fiorini , Laura

+39 0587 672152

Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 

Laura Fiorini received the Master Degree (with honours) in BioMedical Engineering at University of Pisa on April 2012 and received the PhD in Biorobotics from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in February 2016. Currently she is a post-doc at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and her research field are Cloud Service Robotics, and Activity Recognition system to prevent, support and enhance the quality of life of senior citizens.

Selected Publications: 

Limosani, R., Manzi, A., Fiorini, L., Cavallo, F., & Dario, P. (2016). Enabling Global Robot Navigation Based on a Cloud Robotics Approach. International Journal of Social Robotics, 1-10.

Manzi, A., Fiorini, L., Esposito, R., Bonaccorsi, M., Mannari, I., Dario, P., & Cavallo, F. (2016). Design of a cloud robotic system to support senior citizens: the KuBo experience. Autonomous Robots, 1-11.

Esposito, R., Fiorini, L., Limosani, R., Bonaccorsi, M., Manzi, A., Cavallo, F., & Dario, P. (2015). Supporting Active and Healthy Aging with Advanced Robotics Integrated in Smart Environment. Optimizing Assistive Technologies for Aging Populations, 46.

Fiorini, L., Limosani, R., Esposito, R., Manzi, A., Moschetti, A., Bonaccorsi, M., ... & Dario, P. (2015). Enhancing Human Robot Interaction Through Social Network Interfaces: A Case Study. In Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction Technologies (pp. 729-740). Springer International Publishing.