Francesco Clemente

Dr.  Clemente , Francesco

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Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 


I received my BSc degree and MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Pisa, Italy, respectively in 2009 and 2012. My master thesis work, developed within the Artificial Hands Lab of the BioRobotics Institute (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy), involved the mechanical design of an upper limb prosthesis for transradial amputees. I am currently a PhD student in Biorobotics at The BioRobotics Institute and I am involved in national and european research projects, such as PPR3 and DeTOP. My research interests mainly include the development of sensory feedback devices for upper limb amputees, but widens to the whole field of upper limb prosthetics.

Selected Publications: 


Academic Publications

[6] M. Controzzi, F. Clemente, D. Barone, A. Ghionzoli, C. Cipriani, "The SSSA-MyHand: a dexterous lightweight myoelectric hand prosthesis," Transactions on Neural Systems and Rhabilitation Engineering, submitted

[5] F. Clemente, M. D'Alonzo, M. Controzzi, B.B. Edin, C. Cipriani, "Non-invasive, temporally discrete feedback of object contact and release improves grasp control of closed-loop myoelectric transradial prostheses." Transactions on Neural Systems and Rhabilitation Engineering, in press

[4] M. D'Alonzo, F. Clemente, C. Cipriani, "Vibrotactile sensory substitution promotes embodiment of an alien hand in transradial amputees with referred phantom sensations", Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, in press

[3] C. Cipriani, J. Segil, F. Clemente, R.F. Weir, B.B. Edin, "Humans can integrate feedback of discrete events in their sensorimotor control of a robotic hand", Experimental Brain Research, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s00221-014-4024-8, Link

[2] M. Controzzi, F. Clemente, C. Cipriani, "A dexterous hand prosthesis based on a geneva drive: preliminary design", MEC Symposium 2014, New Brunswick, Canada

[1] F. Clemente & C. Cipriani, "A novel device for multi-modal sensory feedback in hand prosthetics: design and preliminary prototype", HAPTICS Symposium 2014, Houston, TX

these authors contributed equally



[2] F. Clemente, M. D'Alonzo, B.B. Edin, C. Cipriani, "Dispositivo per ritorno sensoriale", Italian priority no. PI2014A000045, Holder: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna | Uminova Holding AB, July 2014

[1] M. Controzzi, F. Clemente, C. Cipriani, M.C. Carrozza, "Self-Contained Multifunctional Hand Prosthesis", European patent pending no. 13164114.4, 2013, Holder: Prensilia SRL, Apr 2013,  Publication page