Jacopo Carpaneto

Dr.  Carpaneto , Jacopo

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Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 


Education and Professional Experience

  • Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa. Technologist, since 2014.
  • Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, since 2005.
  • University of Genova. Ph.D. Robotics, 2005.
  • University of Pisa, Italy. M.Sc. Electronic Engineering, 2000.


Short Bio

Jacopo Carpaneto is currently a Senior Scientist at the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. He was born in Lucca, Italy. He received the Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering (MSc) from the University of Pisa in 2000 and the Ph.D. in Robotics from a joint program between University of Genova and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa in 2005. The PhD thesis was entitled: "Wearable biomechatronic systems for movement analysis", supervised by Dr. Silvestro Micera.

He has been working at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (ARTS Lab, 2000-2011, Neural engineering Lab - BioRobotics Institute from 2011) in the framework of several national and international research projects under the supervision of Prof. Silvestro Micera. He has collaborated as Research Engineer in the GRIP Project (ESPRIT LTR #26322, "An InteGRated System for the NeuroelectrIic Control of Grasp in Disabled Persons"), CYBERHAND Project (IST-FET #35094, "Development of a cybernetic hand prosthesis"), NEUROBOTICS Project (FP6-IST #001917T, "Fusing Neuroscience and Robotics to augment human capabilities"), TIME Project (FP7-ICT #224012, "Transverse Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrode system for induction of sensation and treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees"), CLONS Project (FP7-FET CLONS #225929, "Closed-loop vestibular neural prostheses"), and DACTIN ("Development of an actuated invasive neural interface", funded the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)).

He is currently involved in research and management activities in the NEUWALK Project (FP7-ICT #258654, "Neuroprosthetic interface systems for restoring motor functions") and NEBIAS Project (FP7-ICT-2013.9.6-FET Proactive: Evolving Living Technologies (EVLIT) #611687, "NEurocontrolled BIdirectional Artificial upper limb and hand prosthesiS").


Research Interests

His research interests are focused on NeuroEngineering and NeuroProsthetics. In particular the development of hybrid neuro-prosthetic systems such as: (i) a hand prosthesis bi-directionally controlled by using peripheral nervous system intraneural interfaces; (ii) cortical neural prosthesis allowing control of dextrous artificial hands based on high-level information decoded from pre-motor cortical areas; (iii) a novel neuroprosthesis for the restoration of vestibular function by means of electrical stimulation of the nerves connected to the semicircular canals; (iv) a brain spinal interface to restore motor functions in spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease patients.

Selected Publications: 

Book chapters

Carpaneto J, Micera S, 2015. Application of orthoses and neurostimulation in neurorehabilitation. In: Oxford Textbook of Neurorehabilitation by Dietz V and Ward N (Editors), Oxford University Press.

Carpaneto J, Micera S. 2014. Criteri per il design di neuroprotesi e sistemi robotici. In: La bioingegneria: dal recupero funzionale all'organo artificiale, Cobelli C, Costantino ML, Dario P, Micera S (Editors), Patron Editore

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Peer Reviewed Journal papers

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