Ettore Etenzi

Dr.  Etenzi , Ettore

+39 050 88 3409

Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 

I am currently specializing in modeling complex systems in order to verify the stability of a model of human locomotion by using a Poincarè map.

In particular, I would like to demonstrate that a simplified paradigm is able to reproduce the main features of human walking.

Moreover, I am very interested in the role of the dissipative effects during the human gait, in order to understand how dampers can be used to improve the dynamic stability.

Keywords: walking, dynamic systems, bipedal locomotion, Poincaré maps.

Selected Publications: 

Poster presentation: Model of a stable passive bipedal walker provided with spring-damping legs.
Authors: Ettore Etenzi, Vito Monaco, Silvestro Micera.
Dynamic Walking 2014:

Oral section: Bipedal Spring-Damper-Mass Model Reproduces External Mechanical Power of Human Walking
Authors: Ettore Etenzi, Vito Monaco.
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: