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Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 


1978 - Born in Firenze, Italy.

2002 - Degree in Theoretical Physics at University of Pisa with prof. Leone Fronzoni

2003 - Visiting student at the Neurobiology Department of University of California, San Diego in the lab of prof. William Kristan.

2007 - PhD in Neurobiology at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS) of Trieste in the lab of prof. Vincent Torre

2007-2009 Post-doc researcher in the Computational Neuroscience group of the Institute for Scientific Interchange of Torino - collaborating with Prof. Nicolas Brunel, CNRS Paris, France.

2009 - 2013 Working in the Neural Coding group of Prof. Stefano Panzeri @ Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

2014 - now working at The BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Selected Publications: 


(these are only the highlights, the full list is available here)

Neural engineering

Calogero Oddo, Stanisa Raspopovic, Fiorenzo Artoni, Alberto Mazzoni, (...), Silvestro Micera (2016) Intraneural stimulation elicits discrimination of textural features by artificial fingertip in intact and umptee humans - eLife

Udaya Rongala, Alberto Mazzoni, Calogero Oddo (2015) Neuromorphic Artificial Touch for Categorization of Naturalistic Textures - IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

Udaya Rongala, Alberto Mazzoni, Domenico Camboni, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Calogero Oddo (2015) Neuromorphic artificial sense of touch: bridging robotics and neuroscience

Ravinder Dahiya, Calogero Oddo, Alberto Mazzoni, Henrik Jörntell (2015) Biomimetic tactile sensing - in Biomimetic Techonologies: Volume I, Woodhead Publishing, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Neural networks

Alessandro Barardi, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Alberto Mazzoni (2016) Transition between Functional Regimes in an Integrate-And-Fire Network Model of the Thalamus - PLoS One

Alberto Mazzoni, Henrik Linden, Hermann Cuntz, Anders Lansner, Stefano Panzeri, Gaute T Einevoll (2015) Computing the Local Field Potential (LFP) from integrate-and-fire network models - PLoS Computational Biology

Stefano Cavallari, Stefano Panzeri, Alberto Mazzoni (2014) Comparison of the dynamics of neural interactions between current-based and conductance-based integrate-and-fire recurrent networks - Frontiers in Neural Circuits


Eleonora Vannini, Laura Restani, Marta Pietrasanta, Alessandro Panarese, Alberto Mazzoni, Ornella Rossetto, Silvia Middei, Silvestro Micera, Matteo Caleo (2015) Altered sensory processing and dendritic remodeling in hyperexcitable visual cortical networks - Brain Structure and Function 

Sensory coding and information processing in the cortex

Francesca Barbieri, Alberto Mazzoni, Nikos Logothetis, Stefano Panzeri, Nicolas Brunel (2014) Stimulus dependence of local field potential spectra: experiment vs theory - Journal of Neuroscience

Alberto Mazzoni, N.K. Logothetis, S. Panzeri (2012) The information content of Local Field Potentials: experiments and models. In (Quian Quiroga and Panzeri, Eds), Principles of Neural Coding, CRC press, Boca Raton, FL

Robin A.A. Ince, Alberto Mazzoni, Andreas Bartels, Nikos K Logothetis, Stefano Panzeri (2012) A novel test to determine the significance of neural selectivity to single and multiple potentially correlated stimulus features - Journal of Neuroscience Methods

Robin A.A. Ince, Alberto Mazzoni, Rasmus S. Petersen, Stefano Panzeri : (2010) Open source tools for the information theoretic analysis of neural data - Frontiers in Neuroscience

Alberto Mazzoni, Kevin Whittingstall, Nicolas Brunel, Nikos K Logothetis, Stefano Panzeri (2010) Understanding the relationships between spike rate and delta/gamma frequency bands of LFPs and EEGs using a local cortical network model – Neuroimage

Alberto Mazzoni, Stefano Panzeri, Nikos Logothetis, Nicolas Brunel (2008) Encoding of Naturalistic Stimuli by Local Field Potential Spectra in Networks of Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons - PloS Computational Biology

Opinion dynamics in social networks

Floriana Gargiulo, Alberto Mazzoni (2008) Can extremism guarantee pluralism? - Journal of Artificial Societes and Social Simulations

Invertebrates neurophysiology

Alberto Mazzoni, Frederic Broccard, Elizabeth Garcia-Perez, Paolo Bonifazi, Maria Elisabetta Ruaro, Vincent Torre (2007) On the dynamics of the spontaneous activity in neuronal networks - PLoS One


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