Sergio Tarantino

 Tarantino , Sergio

+39 050 88 3425

Ph.D. Student

About Me: 

I received my BSc degree and MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Pisa, Italy, respectively in 2009 and 2012. I am currently a PhD student in Biorobotics at The BioRobotics Institute and my main research interests are innovative methods in prosthesis control, bio-sensors, signal processing, real-time measurements and data analysis.

Selected Publications: 

Tarantino S., Clemente F., Barone D., Controzzi M., and Cipriani C., "A Myokinetic HMI for the Control of Hand Prostheses: A Feasability Study" Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neuro-rehabilitation II. (2016)

Zucca A., Cipriani C., Sudha, Tarantino S., Ricci D., Mattoli V. and Greco F., “Tattoo Conductive Polymer Nanosheets for Skin-Contact Applications.” Advanced Healthcare Materials. (2015)

V. Ortenzi, S. Tarantino, C. Castellini, and C. Cipriani, “Ultrasound Imaging for Hand Prosthesis Control : a Comparative Study of Features and Classification Methods” (2015)

H. M. Al-Angari, G. Kanitz, S. Tarantino, and C. Cipriani, “Distance and mutual information methods for EMG feature and channel subset selection for classification of hand movements,” Biomed. Signal Process. Control, (2016)