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Post Doctoral Fellow

About Me: 


  • 2012 - Present    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy
  • 2009 - 2012        PhD in Microsystem Engineering, University of Tor Vergata, Italy
  • 2008 - 2009        Research Fellow, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy
  • 2008                    MSc. Mechanical Engineer, University of Pisa, Italy






First place at 2nd Annual Symposium - Advances in Neural Rehabilitation Engineering - Neural Plasticity and Motor Rehabilitation, Aalborg University, 2010, Denmark


Selected Publications: 


Journal Papers 

V.Monaco, A.Ghionzoli, S.Micera. Age - related modifications of muscle synergies and spinal cord activity during locomotion, Journal of Neurophysiology, 104, 2092-2102, 2010.

C.Spalletti, S. Lai, M. Mainardi, A. Panarese, A.Ghionzoli, C. Alia, L. Gianfranceschi, C. Chisari, M. Caleo, S. Micera. A robotic system for post stroke assessment and restoration of forelimb function in mice, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 28 (2), 188-196, 2013.

S. Lai, A. Panarese, A.Ghionzoli, C.Spalletti, C. Alia, M. Caleo, S. Micera. A Robotic System for Quantitative Assessment and Poststroke Training of Forelimb Retraction in Mice, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2014.

S. Bossi, A. Ghionzoli, P.N. Sergi, J. Rigosa, S. Micera. Ex vivo implant mechanics of transverse intrafascicular thin film into porcine median nerve, Transaction On Biomedical Engineering, (under submission).

A. Ghionzoli, A. Mazzoni, D. Camboni, J. Rigosa, M. Pasquet, M. Diamond and C. M. Oddo, Coding of Shape and Position of Vibrational Tactile Stimuli in Artificial Fingertip, Sensors and Actuators A (In submission)

M. Controzzi, A. Ghionzoli, F. Clemente, D. Barone, C. Cipriani, MyHand: a dexterous hand prosthesis based on a Geneva drive. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. (In preparation)


Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

V. Monaco, A. Ghionzoli, S. Micera "Ageing involves wider spectral bandwidth and greater amplitude of EMG signals during walking." Conf. Proc. ISPGR. Bologna 2009. 

D. Accoto, A. Benvenuto, A. Ghionzoli, P.N. Sergi, S. Bossi, S. Micera, E. Guglielmelli. Ex vivo measurement of friction coefficient in porcine median nerve – polymide contact. Congesso GNB. Torino 2010. 

A. Ghionzoli, V. Genovese, S. Bossi, C. Stefanini, S. Micera. Preliminary Results on the Design of a tool for Inserting of Transverse Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrodes (TIME) into the peripheral nervous tissue. IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. Boston 2011. 


A. Ghionzoli, S. Bossi, V. Genovese, C. Stefanini, S. Micera, “ Mechatronic device for the insertion of neural interfaces into peripheral nervous syetem"(Italian application) FI2011A000186

A. Ghionzoli, S. Micera, C. Spalletti, C. Alia, M. Mainardi, M. Caleo, A. Panarese, " Dispositivo per la riabilitazione motoria degli arti anteriori in modelli animali" (Italian application) FI2014A000234