Spin Off



The consolidation of strong clusters of skills in the field of applied sciences, such as engineering, as regards the following sectors:

- Micromechatronics
- Nanotechnologies
- Bioengineering
- Biomedical

and the joint attention to multidisciplinariety, scientific excellence and efficacy in industrial application and technological transfer enabled a new way to carry out applied research, whose results were the establishment of the first spin-off company of the School already in 1991 and, from then up to now, the creation of 27 spin-off companies.

The achieved results derive from the combination of two factors:

  • A level of excellence in state-of-the-art technology areas, with a strong potential of industrial repercussion; and
  • A policy of enhancement of post lauream training paths, as opportunities of on-the-job training of qualified human resources devoted to cutting-edge research and to the placement on the market of labour.


List of Spin-Off companies -in Italian-





Since 1991 the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna has registered a series of patents.

The patents owned by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna are on ninenty inventions in fields ranging from robotics to mechanics, from microengineering to biomedicine, and from nanotechnologies to sensor technology.


With the help of the Knowledge Transfer Office and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, some of these patents have been licensed to private companies, small medium enterprises and large companies in Italy and around the world (about 20% of the whole portfolio).

In addition to patents, the innovative research has produced positive effects on the market: it has fostered entrepreneurship and the creation of high-tech companies.