Tech Transfert Dissemination

  [6 December 2013] Workshop “S.O.S. work - A Project for the employability of youth”, Livorno, December 6, Sala Auditorium Circoscrizione 1 Livorno, Via P. Gobetti 11.
 [November 25] EU Robotics Week 2013 Open Labs and Workshops.
  20 Nov - Debate at the BioRobotics Institute Process the talent: is talent necessary to generate innovative and creativepeople?
  31 Oct - Lucca Comics & Science Lucca Comics & Science is a section of Lucca Comics & Games under the patronage of the CNR - National Research Council. It aims to promote the relationship between science and entertainment , exploring links and connections between them, in a formative moment for the growth and balance of the citizen and the individual. Science and Games- Comics- Animation – are the core of the festival - with an eye to literature, film, poetry, entertainment, Internet.
  10 Oct - San Faustino Open Labs Day The second Thursday of October is the feast of the patron of Pontedera, the birthplace of one of the most famous Italian brand in the world, "Vespa", and home to an international research center on issues related to improving the quality of life, welfare and human health: the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, that, on this occasion and exceptionally, opens its doors to all those who have the curiosity to look closely at the most exciting and innovative results of excellent and frontier research in Robotics.