Research Facilities

The BioRobotics Institute offers a wide spectrum of tools for the research needs, including:

  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Polymer-based microfabrication: 3D Printer, Microinjection molding
  • Characterization: Mechanical testing machine, Microactuators test bench, Surface Roughness Profiler
  • 2 "cleanrooms", class 1000-10000, with various technologies: Electroplating, Sputtering, Wire bonder
  • Microscopy: Atomic Force Microscope, Focused Ion Beam, Optical microscope, Stereoscope
  • Biological and controlled environment: Cells culture lab, Controlled humidity chamb, Langmuir-Blodgett
  • Micromachining: CNC center, Micromachining CNC center, Sink & Wire Edm
  • Mechanical workshop: Bandsaw, Drill, Semiautomatic Lathe, Milling Machine
  • Various technologies: Furnace, Ovens, Ultrasonic cleaner, UV curing source