TNE - Translational Neural Engineering


Translational Neural Engineering (TNE) is a novel discipline combining engineering including micro and nanotechnology, electrical and mechanical, and computer science with cellular, molecular, cognitive neuroscience with two main goals:

  • i. increase our basic knowledge of how the nervous system works;
  • ii. develop systems able to restore sensorimotor functions in people affected by different types of neural disability.

The TNE lab is currently working on the following research areas:
- neural interfaces;
- computational neuroscience;
- translational neurorehabilitation;
- neuroprosthesis and bionics;
- locomotion biomechanics.

The TNE lab is also actively involved in two joint laboratories on “neural control of movements” (with the University of Pisa and the University Hospital of Pisa, Prof. Bruno Rossi and Dr. Carmelo Chisari) and on “translational neurorehabilitation” (with the Institute of Neuroscience of the Italian National Research Council, CNR, Dr. Matteo Caleo).

Principal Investigators