BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Dec 2009 to Jan 2011

Funding Institutions: 

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra (Italy)


1. Neurological Rehabilitation/Traumatic Brain Injury

- Telerehabilitation laboratory using a) robotic system for upper limb rehabilitation, b) software for neuropsychologcal rehabilitation


2. Respiratory Rehabilitation

Development and validation of advanced biomedical systems for respiratory support and rehabilitation in persons with chronic respiratory diseases (at home/healthcare residential setting)

1)   Telecontrol and telemonitoring: development of integrated system for non-invasive telecontrol and telemonitoring of patients under mechanical ventilation;

2)   Telerehabilitation: remotely controlled systems for respiratory rehabilitation.

3. Cardiac Rehabilitation

Development and validation of a telerehabilitation system based on real-time measurements and recordings of:

  • ECG,
  • oxygen blood saturation,
  • blood pressure,

and remote control of:

ergometer load [W]


"Auxilium Vitae" Rehabilitation Centre (Volterra, Italy)



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