The Smart Bio-adaptive Hand Prosthesis


BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Jan 2006 to Jan 2010

Funding Institutions: 

European Commission, under the FP6-NMP - NMP-2004- Towards "converging" technologies,NMP-2004- Three dimensional nano-structures based on elements other than carbon.

SSSA Total Cost: 
180k euro

Smart Hand was a highly innovative, interdisciplinary project, combining forefront research from material sciences, bio- and information technologies with cognitive neuroscience to solve a major societal problem, namely; the development of an artificial h and displaying all the basic features of a real human hand.
The successful realisation of this highly visionary project has required crossing the boundaries of distinct scientific fields, merging forefront expertise of the consortium combines and use of state-of-the-art research results from relevant fields, to improve quality of life for disabilities by improving mobility and diminishing phantom pains associated with amputees. The Smart Hand prosthesis could have major impacts on rehabilitation of amputates.

What we do: 

Fabrication of multi functioning robotic hand and fabrication and integration of artificial sensory matrix. The design of mechatronics will be addressed to give the robotic hand the right anatomic to be perceived as real hand while perfoming several movement such as the key grip, grasping of different formed objects and movement of the wrist. The sensibility on the hand and fingers will be achieved by means of sensors in order to feel vibrations and pressure. New semi-electric, soft and bendable leading material could be used as suitable matrix formation. The matrix material could then cover the whole robotic hand or selected areas.


Department of Electrical Measurements, Lund University, Lund; Malmö University Hospital, Lund University - Aalborg University, Aalborg - Tel Aviv University - Tyndall Institute, Cork - ÖSSUR - SciTech Link HB, Lund



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