Studio, implementazione e sperimentazione di Reti ICT in Toscana e Assistenza socio-sanitaria per anziani e non autosufficienti

BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Mar 2010 to Feb 2013

Funding Institutions: 

Regione Toscana

Research Program: 
Regione Toscana - POR CREO FSE 207-2013
SSSA Total Cost: 
€ 450.000,00
Contribution to SSSA: 
€ 450.000,00

The main objective of RITA project is to demonstrate the efficiency and the feasibility of new socio-medical services based on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) approach.
The user target of this project are elderly persons of Pisa area, living mainly alone or with a partner at their home, and their formal and informal caregivers.
This study investigates both technological and legal aspects related to the possible implementation of AAL services in Tuscany.
According to users' needs new services and ICT system were developed and tested by the research team of the BioRobotics Institute in order to improve the sense of safety of elderly people and caregivers.

What we do: 

The research team of the BioRobotics Institute was the main responsible of the develeopment and experimentation of new AAL services and systems.

In particular it is the leader of the work packages:
- WP7: Design and development of smart system for assistance and monitoring"
- WP8: Study and definition of evaluation protocols and scales
- WP9: Testing of the smart system with real users

It is actively involved in:
- WP0: Management
- WP10: Integration of technological and juridical-social areas
- WP11: Dissemination


Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - DIRPOLIS Institute
Società della Salute - Zona Pisana
Fatronik Italia S.r.l.
TechnoDeal S.r.l.

Media - pictures: 



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Meet the team

Elettra Stradella, Assistant Professor (University of Pisa)
Paolo Addis, Post Doctoral Fellow (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, DIRPOLIS Institute)