Advanced OPERAting room


Project Lifetime
Mar 2011 to Sep 2014

Funding Institutions: 

Regione Toscana (POR CReO FESR 2007-2013)


OPERA Project aims at developing the operating room of the future, where ambient intelligent solutions, mobile robotic platforms and manipulators, instrumented beds, manipulators, RFID Tags, touchless screens, sensors, domotic system are integrated to improve the comfort of the surgeon, to reduce the risk of human error, to reduce the time for setting up the operating room.

What we do: 

The SSSA is responsible of the robotic modules of the OPERA system.


Emac S.r.l. - Caen RFiD S.r.l. - Robot Systems Automation S.r.l. - T.D. Group S.p.A. - I+ S.r.l. - Centro di Eccellenza per la Chirurgia Assistita al Calcolatore EndoCAS dell’Università di Pisa
Dipartimento di Area Critica Medico-Chirurgica, Università di Firenze



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