OPEN neuro-prosthetic HAND platform for clinical trials


BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Oct 2010 to Nov 2012

Funding Institutions: 

Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR 2008).


The OPENHAND project was aimed at addressing the scientific problem of functional substitution between natural and artificial hand, by developing an open neuro-prosthesis platform to be clinically evaluated by means of different neural interfaces (intraneural, Cuff, etc).
In other words the OPENHAND objective was to investigate, design and develop a revolutionary prosthetic hand with features completely new compared to the state of the art; i.e. a hand duplicating the natural model in shape, functionality, sensorization, control and perception. The main objective was to carry on the research of the previous PRIN/SAFEHAND project, exploit past results and concentrate on its critical issues. OPENHAND has focused on the engineering and technological issues of the hand neuro-prosthesis, developing innovative solutions on the efferent control, the afferent stimulation, and providing the hand for the neural control and its clinical experimentation.



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