A NAno on MIcro approach to a multispectral analysis system for protein essays

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Project Lifetime
Jan 2008 to Jan 2011

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Project founded by the Province of Trento in the framework of the call “Grandi Progetti 2006”


The NAOMI project developed miniaturized protein chips, focusing on the combination of nano and micro technologies to deliver compact, reliable and potentially low cost diagnostic tools, with improved analysis performances. The project implemented different micro and nano approaches for the detection and analysis of proteins, based on the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and biomolecules. This was achieved by integrating different technologies (photonics, microfluidics, microelectronics, nanotechnology and surface chemistry) in a 3D-stacked structure, instead of the classical planar (2D) approach. In the framework of the project, our team developed valves and pumps for the fluidic layer, able to regulate the fluid flow in the channels. The prototype consists of a peristaltic micro-pump, composed of a sequence of pneumatic valves created by using soft-lithography techniques. The micro-pump was attached on the chip containing the functionalized wells with aptamers and the optical sensor, thus allowing the micro-pump to push the blood into the sensor for the analysis


DIT, UniTN - Fondazione Bruno Kessler - CNR - CIVEN - Dipartimento di Fisica, UniTN

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