The wearable cognitive robot for the functional assistance of lower-limb motion


BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Apr 2013 to Mar 2016

Funding Institutions: 

Fondazione Pisa

SSSA Total Cost: 
975 k€
Contribution to SSSA: 
650 k€

Motivated by the increasing need of technological aids for supporting elderly people affected by gait syndromes, the objective of IUVO is the design, development and experimental validation of a cognitive wearable robot for functional assistance of lower-limb motion. IUVO will be a bilateral robot orthosis capable of assisting the locomotion of elderly people affected by gait syndromes.

What we do: 

SSSA is the scientific coordinator and responsible partner for developing and integrating advanced orthosis-like wearable robots for human motor assistance, as well as developing human-robot bidirectional interfaces


National Research Council, Institute of Clinical Physiology