Advanced MULOS: Motorized Upper Limb Orthotic System


BioRobotics Institute Role: 

Project Lifetime
Aug 2011 to Aug 2014

Funding Institutions: 

Italian Ministry for Economic Development and Industry under the "2015- Made in Italy" Programme

Contribution to SSSA: 
330K euro

The Advanced MULOS project will develop a robotic device to be worn by people with upper limb disabilities for functional support during their activities of daily living. The challenging goal is to provide a “wear-and-play” system that enables humans to perform natural functions with a minimum efforts. This will be achieved by developing:
1. a multi degree of freedom wearable and modular active orthosis supporting shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand articulations;
2. an advanced human-machine interface based on an artificial flexible skin capable to detect the user intentions,
3. a reliable and safe control architecture that transfers these intentions unobtrusively into orthosis’ movements or actions.
A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, material scientists and clinicians will integrate the Advanced MULOS, using advanced ICT technologies. A team of specialists in control theory will spearhead efforts to provide safe, dependable, robust and efficient control of the Advanced MULOS. In order to optimize the prototype, a special attention will be focused on the establishment of a continuous interaction among engineers, clinicians and expert patients who will provide feedback on the design.

What we do: 

We are the responsible partner for the development of the hand-wrist exoskeleton.


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