Wearable Robotics

Owner: Nicola VITIELLO
Semester: 2
Credits: 1

Start: Jan.29, 2013
Location: The BioRobotics Institute, Room 1, 10am

On January 29 and 30 prof.Stefano Stramigioli, from Twente Univeristy,The Netherlands, http://www.ce.utwente.nl/smi/UT-Stefano-Personal-Site/Welcome.html, will deliver 2 seminars as part of the "Wearable Robotics" Course.
Here is the Schedule:
Jan.29, Room 1, 10-12: An Introduction to Ports, Energy and Hamiltonian Systems
Jan.30, Room 1, 14-16: Port Based Robotics: Modelling and Control

The attendance to these two seminar is compulsory in order to obtain the credit of the Course.

On March 5 at 10am in ROOM 1 Dr.Domen Novak from the Sensory Motors System Lab at ETH in Zurich http://www.sms.hest.ethz.ch/people/directory/novakd will deliver a two-hours seminar on "Estimating motion intentions and workload in human-robot interaction using physiology".
The attendance to this seminar is compulsory to receive the final credit for the course.