Creative Engineering Design

Owner: Cesare STEFANINI
Instructor: Prof. Mark R. Cutkosky, Design Group, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Stanford University
Semester: 2
Credits: 2
Start: March 5, 2013
Location: The BioRobotics Institute, Room 3, 2.30pm

March 5- April 16, 2013
User-Centered Product Definition for Creative Engineering Design
Prof.Mark Cutkosky, Stanford University, USA
The objective of this short course is to give participants an introduction to methods used in the Stanford M.E.
Design Group, and in some design firms in “Silicon Valley,” to promote user-centered design. The course
content is taken in part from the first part of a graduate design sequence at Stanford, ME310abc
(, and focuses on the early stages of product development, when the main
challenge is to determine what to design.

Prof.Cutkosky will upload materials and information on the course here: