The BioRobotics Institute Laboratories


The BioRobotics Institute has 7 additional laboratories and research centers located in Tuscany area:
Service Robotics and Green Robotics – Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Laboratory, Peccioli, Pisa;
Laboratory of Rehabilitation Bioengineering at Auxilium Vitae Rehabilitation Centre, Volterra;
Locomotion Disorders Laboratory, Pisa;
Neuro-Developmental Engineering Laboratory, Pisa;
Research Centre on Sea Technologies and Marine Robotics, Livorno.
Center for Micro-BioRobotics IIT@SSA, Pontedera.
Joint Open Lab with Telecom Italia on Disruptive Innovation in e-Health Systems, Pontedera.
Thanks to the many collaborative projects and initiatives, the Bio-Robotics Institute has a dense network of collaborations in Europe with the major research institutes, universities and industrial representatives.
In Asia, The BioRobotics Institute has strong collaborations with universities in Japan, South Korea, and China, in some cases supported by joint labs. In the USA, The BioRobotics Institutehas scientific collaborations with several universities, among which the MIT, Stanford, the University of Washington in Seattle.
Each year, The BioRobotics Institute welcomes a large number of international visiting researchers, faculty and lecturers.