Soft Robotics Week, April 25-30, 2016

Livorno, April 25-30 2016

Trends, Applications and Challenges of Soft Robots

This spring, Livorno (Italy) will host the second Soft Robotics Week (April 25-30, 2016), an exciting week totally dedicated to Soft Robotics, featuring a unique concentration of several scientific, cultural and educational events and the RoboSoft Grand Challenge.
International experts across multiple fields in the scientific community of soft robotics, industrial leaders, young researchers and students, will meet together to discuss current trends and applications for soft robots and their prospects for the future.
Three major events will take place:    

RoboSoft Spring School - April 25-29, 2016   

RoboSoft Plenary Meeting - April 27-28, 2016 

RoboSoft Grand Challenge - April 29-30, 2016  

or check it out at the RoboSoft-Ca page