Workshop: Novel patient-robot interfaces and multimodal interaction in Rehabilitation Robotics

Edinburgh, 25 August

Edinburgh, 25-29th August


The workshop will take place on August 25th, 2014 at the Edinburgh Conference Center at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Workshop Contact: Stefano Mazzoleni, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Contact Me)

Workshop Presenters: Farshid Amirabdollahian, Yong-Kwun Lee, Rui Loureiro, Stefano Mazzoleni, Ramazan Unal


The use of robotic systems for rehabilitation is increasingly providing important results through several experimental clinical trials. The design, development and validation of innovative patient-robot interfaces and multimodal interaction to be implemented in such systems represent a challenging research topic of interest both in the bioengineering and clinical field. This workshop will:

• will provide state-of-the-art descriptions of an innovative and challenging field of bioengineering and clinical interest;
• will be focused on robot-assisted rehabilitation which is a topic of currently active research;
• will be focused on interactions of participants to exchange ideas, discuss recent research results, explore new directions in research and technological transfer, and propose international focus groups on specific areas of research interest.

Workshop schedule (half-day)



9:00 - 9:10 Welcome and Introduction

9:10 - 9:35 Ramazan Unal, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium, “Current Developments in Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Robotics

9:35 - 10:00 Yong-Kwun Lee, Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan, “Design of exoskeleton robotic hand/arm system for upper limbs rehabilitation considering mobility and portability

10:00 - 10:25 Rui Loureiro, Middlesex University London, UK, "Beyond physical interaction: strategies for the rehabilitation of cognitive development, brain and spinal injury"

10:25 - 10:35 Discussion

10:35 - 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 - 11:55 Farshid Amirabdollahian, University of Hertfordshire, UK, “Therapeutic human-robot interaction magnified, offering insights towards adaptive interfaces used in rehabilitation”

11:55 - 12:20 Stefano Mazzoleni, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy, “Assessment metrics of human-robot interaction during robot-assisted rehabilitation: challenges for robotics and clinical practice”

12:20 - 12:30 Discussion and closing remarks


Primary audience: engineers, physicians, PhD students, researchers in academic spin-off companies and companies involved in research.

Secondary audience: graduate and undergraduate students, therapists, and other clinicians.