Robot-Era wins the Well-Tech Award 2014

Milan, April 10 2014

Project Robot-Era awarded the first price for the category "Quality of Life". The Project Robot-Era of the BioRobotics Institute / Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna 

Whati is Well-Tech and WT Award (from the official WT Award site)

WT since 1999 is engaged in planning and research of new technologies sustainable, accessible and for a better quality of life.
WT Award's observatory is constantly scouring the market and the world of research to uncover new products, technologies and materials. The goal is to use its own activities to stimulate the research and development of innovative and sustainable systems and technologies and to promote their transfer to the Italian industrial system.

In a context distinguished by a growing awareness, particularly on the part of the decision-making public, of the need to invest in sustainable development, WT Award sees its role as a body that is able to help trigger the processes of responsible development. In order to spread and promote the policy of sustainable development, WT Award is the coordinator of an annual award for technical innovation aimed at products that stand out for their innovation as well as their qualities of sustainability, accessibility and improvement of the quality of life.

WT Award 2014 is a prize for technological innovation.
For the event, WT Studio select the international products/projects most relevant for technological innovation, sustainable values, accessibility and contribution to a better quality of life.
For the fourteenth consecutive year, WT Studio will select 60 technologies / products /projects for their technological innovation and sustainable value as well as their accessibility and contribution to the improvement of the quality of life.

The winning projects will be exhibited six days with a prestigious event during Milan Design Week