With the goal of providing graduate students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to become leaders in robotics research and education, The BioRobotics Institute offers diverse opportunities at all levels of education, in order to inspire and educate the next generation of roboticists and bioengineers.

At The BioRobotics Institute, education involves a process starting from children up to PhD students. In this framework, the Institute has set up a local educational laboratory on robotics developing new tools that enables primary, middle and high school students to expand upon their interest in robots.


PhD Programme in BioRobotics

Multidisciplinary, high-specialization, creation of innovative research projects, constant relationship with industry. The PhD in BioRobotics is a three-year programme with highly interdisciplinary connotation, focused on micro-engineering, biomedical engineering, biomimetic robotics, rehabilitation technologies, surgical robotics and neural engineering.
One of the goals of the PhD in BioRobotics is to combine the scientific preparation with a systemic approach based on the development and innovation. The student will be able to participate in the realization of research projects, new industrial challenges or to continue his academic way.