Micro-Nano-Bio Systems and Targeted Therapies

Main Activities: 

The "Micro-Nano-Bio Systems and Targeted Therapies" Lab has the mission of studying phenomena at the milli-, micro- and nanoscale, to invent new solutions and to engineer processes at such scales, in order to develop advanced technological components and to enable minimally invasive therapies. A high level of interdisciplinarity features the group, whose research efforts are at the edge between robotics, micro-mechanics, materials science and molecular biology.  





Papers on ISI Journals

* = these authors equally contributed to this work


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Our team

Leonardo Ricotti (Assistant Professor)
Gioia Lucarini (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Tommaso Mazzocchi (Research Assistant)
Antonella Verbeni (PhD student - 3rd year)
Veronica Iacovacci (PhD student - 2nd year)
Lorenzo Vannozzi (PhD student - 2nd year)
Andrea Cafarelli (PhD student - 2nd year)
Alice Salgarella (PhD student - 1st year)
Matteo Rocchi (M.Sc. student)
Aliria Poliziani (M.Sc. student)