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Advanced Education, Frontier Interdisciplinary Research and Exploitation of Research Results: this is the BioRobotics Institute. [download thebrochure]

"The mission of the BioRobotics Institute is educating the Engineer of the 21st Century, a competent, interdisciplinary, creative inventor and entrepreneur, able to manage new technological and scientific challenges, ready to take up new opportunities for society and industry, and acting as a linking bridge towards centres of knowledge worldwide." (Paolo Dario )

The BioRobotics Institute is an integrated system aimed at innovative research, education and technological transfer. The Institute wants to act as a linking bridge to international centres of knowledge and to create a new concept of engineers that are scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, able to invent and solve problems, and to create new companies in high technology sectors (biomedical engineering, microengineering, robotics, mechatronics).



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